Melbourne Cosplay Photography

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#1 amythepirate on 4 years ago


My name is Amy, and I am looking for a trade for services. I am a full-time photography student wanting to shoot Cosplay groups, to help extend my portfolio. I have all my own equipment and plan to photograph your group the way in which you would like to be represented - I.e your photos should reflect the personality of your characters! I will do all my own editing and share high resolution pictures with your group, in return for full rights to my photos and the experience. I plan to shoot for free, however if your group must have a studio, then I would need to charge a small fee for procuring the lights and space for the photoshoot.

If this sounds like something you may be interested in, please let me know! I would love to photograph your group, and if you'd like to see some examples of my work to make sure I'm not a creepy old dude or something, just reply and I'll send you my portfolio.


#2 PikaLu on 3 years ago

Hi There!
I'd be interested. I'm going to Melbourne for PaxAu next month and I'd like to get a shoot done in both my cosplays. I wouldn't need a studio, anywhere around the city would be fine. I'm going down a few days early and the plan was to find someone to do a shoot for me then - I'd love to see some exampled of what you've done so far!