Cosplays for A-Kon 26

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#1 roxas-kitax on 5 years ago

What are you guys going to be cosplaying for A-Kon 26?

I'm hoping to cosplay either Yunoha Thrul from Aquarion Evol or Kiki Cesan from Akagami no Shirayukihime (manga) and Yuiko Hawatari from Loveless. >w<


#2 KyrenRose on 5 years ago

Currently I'm planning on Serah from FF13-2 in her white mage outfit with sword, maybe probably Rem from FF Type-0, and Espeon with a Shiny umbreon appearing with me. Will be the first time I style a wig, make armor, and make weapons with resin coating so going to be quite fun. I'm thinking about entering in the cosplay contest with Serah this year too.

The middle costume that you are doing looks really cool! I have never seen where it is from but I love it but maybe a bit complicated so I wish you luck on yours

#3 RobinDragonryde on 5 years ago

Neo from RWBY
Harley Quinn, probably, since I wear her everywhere
And maye something else, I don't know yet.

#4 Sinnocent on 5 years ago

I'm still kinda up in the air on some of them. Up until recently I was going to be missing A-Kon, but now that I'm able to go I'm still trying to decide on costumes. Here's what I have so far:

Thursday: Chii from Chobits
Friday: Unsure
Saturday: Seras Victoria from Hellsing (bf will be with me as Alucard)
Sunday: Unsure

I have a couple of ideas, but thought maybe before I decide for sure, I'd keep an eye on photoshoots/gatherings that are going on to see if there's any I want to attend, so it may be a while before I know what my other 2 will be for sure.

#5 animegirl12192 on 5 years ago

Thursday: Kyle Broflovski from South Park
Friday: Human Kite (South Park again)
Saturday: Craig Tucker from South Park: The Stick of Truth

#6 Mehdia on 5 years ago

I have been away from the internet for a while and have been planning some costumes with my friends. I might have a new version of Madam Red, will probably take back my Juvia from Fairy Tail since I know someone who will be cosplaying Gray (I'm making his costume), and I want to finally wear my Tweedledee from Kiddy Grade. But the big thing we are probably doing was inspired by my 16 year old nephew wanting to have something big and badass. We are doing a group inspired by the Greek and Roman gods with a few twists, such as mixing the historic clothing with modern stuff and making some of the gods hybrids with animals. I will be doing Athena mixed with her sacred animal the owl...which means a new set of wings for me.

#7 Skeletoast on 5 years ago

I will probably bring my Seras Victoria again, as per usual. Currently throwing together Aoba from DMMd. Just those two for now.

#8 Sinnocent on 5 years ago

It hasn't even been 2 weeks since my first post, and I only had 2 out of my 4 costumes picked out ... and 1 of them has already been canceled DX

This is why I don't usually post my plans, they change SO many times before the con actually shows up XD Anyone else do that?

As of now I won't be bringing Seras anymore, and my bf won't be bringing Alucard either, so we're trying to figure out what costumes we want to wear on Saturday. Though on the other hand, I think I'm gonna take Princess Aurora on Friday. So here's the current updated schedule for me:

Thursday: Chii from Chobits
Friday: Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty
Saturday: Unsure
Sunday: Unsure

Hopefully I'll know the last 2 soon!

#9 Mehdia on 5 years ago

I forgot to mention in my last post that I might do an Agent Carter costume too if I can find the right color for her suit with the red hat. Some pictures it looks blue, others it looks purple. So I will just have to see what I can find before tying myself to that costume for sure.

#10 Shadarkness on 5 years ago

It took a long time to plan out my cosplays for this year's A-Kon, but I think I got it, until it changes later.

Time Tracer Add - Elsword

Lie Ren - RWBY(May move to other days if photoshoot is happening on any of the days)
Yuya Sakaki - YGO! Arc V
Alucard - Hellsing

Roy - Fire Emblem: Binding Blade
Secret cosplay(people will have to wait till the contest for it. :P)
Lelouch/Zero - Code Geass

Duelist!Red - Pokemon/YGO!

The list is subject to change later as the dates get closer.

#11 Celyddon on 5 years ago

It's amazing how empty these boards are compared to last year. Anyways.

-If- I manage to get the time off of work approved, and I am allowed to go, I plan to bring--

Cosmos, Final Fantasy Dissidia [complete]
Pyrrha, RWBY (both her dance dress and her standard armor)
Presea, Magic Knight Rayearth [in progress]

If for some reason I cannot get any of those done, I have on standby--
Umi Ryuuzaki (final armor), Magic Knight Rayearth
Lina Inverse, Slayers: Try
Yue, Cardcaptor Sakura

#12 RhapsodyAngel on 5 years ago

I've got three planned but always subject to change.

Friday: Steampunk Princess Fiona (ogre version) (Shrek) (almost complete)
Saturday: Grumpy Cat (in progress S&S [sewing and sobbing])
Sunday: Lady Kaede (Inuyasha) (complete)

#13 KennyCiel on 5 years ago

My plans are still pretty up in the air, my finances are iffy so I'll probably just recycle a bunch of older ones
Right now I'm thinking I'll probably bring Ritsuka Aoyagi from Loveless and probably Russia from Hetalia since my friends are expecting me to have him...I may have a generic lolita outfit if I can afford to.

Ritsuka is pretty casual though, it'll just be nice to do something different, since I always do the same thing for akon because of friend expectations...Everything is still up in the air.

#14 CoralSnake on 5 years ago

#15 Sinnocent on 5 years ago

I finally got my list all ironed out, it's in my sig, and hoping it won't change anymore! XD