First Animefest

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#1 MiriVixen on 4 years ago

Soo its my first time going to an animefest in dallas any advice on how it works??

#2 godpantsminus on 4 years ago

It'll be my first as well, but from what a friend tells me, it'll be like a less crowded A-Kon, if you've ever been to that event.
If not, what specifics are you curious about?

#3 AkidaUmichi on 3 years ago

I've been to animefest quite a few times. If you've been to cons before, then the same general con stuff applies.

animefest is smaller than comic con (iirc it is) and Project A-kon. If animefest is going to be your first convention ever, I would say it is a nice starting con because it isn't overly crowded, but it isn't empty either. There are enough events (such as the cosplay hall, cosplayers, panels etc.) to keep you entertained.

For the most part, animefest works just like all other conventions. You get your badge and that is used to get into most events, especially the dealer's room. There are rules such as weapons policy, etc. which you should check here [url][/url]