Gintama- Shinpachi Shimura Cosplay Help

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#1 shinpachi110 on 5 years ago

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Hey everyone i just bought my first cosplay and i am completly new to this if anyone could help me out that would be apprceaited

#2 Syon on 5 years ago

How can anyone help, if you do not say a word about what your problem is?

#3 shinpachi110 on 5 years ago

hey does anyone know of any good gintama cosplay resources, and or Gintama Shinpachi Shimura Cosplay resources................[FONT="Times New Roman"]:waaaah[/FONT]:)

#4 division-ten on 5 years ago

What kind or resources? You bought a costume, yeah? What do you still need? A wig? Shoes?