Photographer Available Megacon 2015

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#1 Cowggodd on 5 years ago

Let's book a shoot for Megacon this year!

It has been a while since I did some photos for any anime conventions but now that my schedule is a bit more clear I would LOVE to get back into it! As long as I can book enough shoots I will be at the convention center all three days. Most (if not all) shoots will be outside. The beautiful Florida weather this time of year will be better lighting than anything found in the convention center. If I book enough shoots to offset the cost of getting into the convention I may do that but I do not think it will be needed.

Shoots will be $25 for 30 minutes. I have found that a half hour can provide a TON of photos for an individual. This rate will stay the same for group sessions though. So grab your favorite con budddies, like characters, etc and let's shoot!

All images (edited and not) will be uploaded by the following Tuesday (or earlier) for you to download. This will give me time to cover the whole weekend and provide you with some quality images. If you are local or still in the area when the photos are done I can even deliver them on a DVD/CD/Flash Drive.

You can see my previous convention photos [URL=""]HERE (Megacon 2012)[/URL] and [URL=""]HERE (Anime USA 2011)[/URL]. You are also welcome to add my [URL=""]Photography Facebook Page HERE[/URL]. Feel free to message me on Facebook or reply to this post. Please reply with the day and time you would like to do your shoot.

I look forward to hearing from you all and making some amazing photos!

#2 MostDecentThing on 5 years ago

Say hi if you see me there!

#3 Cowggodd on 5 years ago

I definitely will! I will be walking around taking random photos as well however to book a shoot I need to know ahead of time as I plan to book as many as possible to fit the most shoots in per day.

#4 Aromatissue on 5 years ago

I'll have to ask my boyfriend when he would want to do the shoot, but I would love to get some photos taken! :) I'd imagine it being on Saturday afternoon at some point but I will post again to update you on a time and everything. ^.^

#5 Cowggodd on 5 years ago

Let's do it! Just keep in touch with me through my website ([URL=""][/URL]) or Facebook page ([URL=""][/URL]). Be sure to book a time and date as soon as possible. I will not be actually entering the convention unless I book enough to compensate for the outrageous ticket costs. So I will be hanging around outside the convention the days I have shoots booked. We will be able to find places with better outdoor lighting that way also!

I am looking forward to seeing all of you there! Just book your shoot asap!


#6 dogwitch on 5 years ago

i would not mind sum shoots also

#7 Cowggodd on 5 years ago

Sorry I haven't been entirely active on here lately but I have had a major change in my full time job. I am still looking to book photo shoots for the weekend. I may not be there on days that I have no shoot booked so if you are interested please let me know ASAP what day/time is good for you.