My first attempt at a crazy wig.

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#1 Black Blossom on 2 years ago

The character I'm supposed to be is Shay Obsidian (second image listed down below). However, I'm doing a genderbent version and I'm using two image references for a final design.


I'm looking to use Arda's Inigo for the body and lift to create the 'flowy' hairstyle from the first image, but using Shay's actual bangs. So instead of the 'feathery' hairstyle from the first image, I look a lot closer to him with the winged shaped bangs. Otherwise, I'd look too much like his sister (who's from the first image, and pretty much looks like that but with much longer hair and tied back in a bun).

I was thinking of using craft foam and cutting it out in the shape of the bangs to use as my base. Then, use wefts and attach them to the craft foam so it can hold the shape, and sealing them with Got2Be spray and wax, and perhaps glue.
The Inigo has bangs, but I could brush them off to the side to make room for the wefts.
For attaching to the wig base, I could sew it or something like that. I know that Arda does have clips for holding in wigs but I'm sure I need stronger hold than that.