Game of Thrones Gathering

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#1 Lucinda Cosplay on 2 years ago

Hi guys! I'm doing a Game of Thrones gathering at AX 2018! My sister is gonna be Daenerys and I am going to be Cersei! The gathering will be at 2 pm at site 5 on Day 2!

House Stark-
Ned Stark:
Catelyn Stark:
Rob Stark:
Sansa Stark:
Arya Stark:
Bran Stark:
Rickon Stark:
Jon Snow:

House Arryn-
Jon Arryn:
Lysa Arryn:
Robin Arryn:

House Lannister-
Tywin Lannister:
Cersei Lannister: Me
Jamie Lannister:
Tyrion Lannister:
Lancel Lannister:

House Baratheon-
Robert Baratheon:
Stannis Baratheon:
Shireen Baratheon:
Joffery Baratheon:
Tommen Baratheon:
Myrcella Baratheon:

House Greyjoy-
Balon Greyjoy:
Euron Greyjoy:
Theon Greyjoy:
Yara Grejoy:

House Targaryen-
Vicerys Targaryen:
Daenerys Targaryen: My sister

#2 Dr Tweed on 2 years ago

I don't think I can get my Ser Barristan Selmy done in time, bummer.