Halloween Town Sora Cosplay: Please Critique!

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#1 hayleyhime on 2 years ago

Hi everyone! This is the first major costume I made... everything down to the shoes! Made with my own two hands. I'm super proud of it, but am planning another Sora cosplay this year, and want to know how I can improve! I already have a few ideas, but would love and appreciate some criticism on my costume!



Thanks in advance for the help!!


#2 Jei-Cos on 2 years ago

Holy damn this is very well done! Love it!

#3 Bombdoll on 2 years ago

First off, very well done! Its unmistakably Halloween Town Sora and looks great.

Next, the critique! I think the shoes could have a more pronounced, distinct curve. In fact, in the game it looks as though they have a flat portion of the sole that gives the curl some more structure. Also, its hard to tell with how your arms are placed in the photos but I can't make out if the jacket has the distinct flare from the waistband. If this is something you wanted, using more interfacing inside the jacket to stiffen it might help, as well as finding some way to keep the waist nipped in and more static. I would consider snaps or magnets to keep it drawn close to the body until the flare, but I also am not a skilled seamstress. Also, there is a telltale contour to your chest that might be smoothed and concealed better with a strong(er) binder. Though its very slight and only visible from some angles. If you are already using a quality binder (I like double design) perhaps it will come down to knowing the angles at will mask this shape best and trying to get photos taken at that angle.

#4 Midnight Dawn on 2 years ago

Very well done.

But giving a little critique, I believe the shoes need a bit of a curve and pointy tip to it. I'm not sure how to describe this part but it just seems to be missing this noire feel to it.

Overall your cosplay was spot on. Hair being one of the most notorious things to get right you did a fantastic job at styling.

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