Want to Buy AX 2017 Premier fan badge, pls!

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#1 J.D.Erstwhile on 3 years ago

Hi everyone, I only recently managed to get time to be able to go to AX this year, but it turns out that my friends and family who are going this year have premier badges and due to timing, I wasn't able to get one since they're all sold out on the AX website.

If anyone here who has a premier badge can't go or want to sell, I'd love to buy it off of you. Please keep me in mind. I'd really appreciate it. Please pm me. Thanks.

I'm willing to pay a bit extra than what you paid for it, via paypal or if you're in the Norcal region or bay area we can schedule a meet up to make the sale in person if that's what you prefer.

- JD

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