Looking for two roommates

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#1 SleeplessAtom on 3 years ago

Name Juan Ayala
Hotel: The Lorenzo (Full apartment)
Nights Booked: Night 0 - Night 4. (5 nights)
Price: 400(sofa) /500 (twin bed)
Spaces Available: 2 (Sofa space and Twin bed)
Requirements of Roommates: Hygiene
Age range: No preference.
Gender: No Preference.
Smokers/Drinkers: No preference.
Sleeping habits: No preference.
Contact : [email][email protected][/email]. 773-614-0462. @SleeplessAtom on Twitter.
Description of Myself (21, Male, Non-Tobacco smoker /Casual Drinker, Quiet sleeper, Lover of music!)
Anything else: Full kitchen, bathroom, all amenities that The Lorenzo has to offer (Parking, Internet, A/C, Pool, Kitchen, Gym, Hot Tub, Laundry, TV, Elevator Ect) One mile from con.

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