Exercise Plans?

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#1 iori587 on 2 years ago

Hey this is gonna be my first time doing a MtF cosplay so i have a few questions, im starting to get alittle flabby so i need to know what Exercise Regimens will keep me in line without getting too Muscular looking i know Weight lifting is completely out of the question, but what about Cardio? i think that would help right cuz its not super intensive and could help fill out the figure alittle bit right? and possibly some situps? Any one else have any tips for me?

#2 CharmingDevil on 2 years ago

Yes I would suggest cardio. I do a lot of FtM crossplaying as well as female cosplaying but I do cardio for both since strength training really only applies to super muscular characters. The only thing I really change between the two is focusing on my arms and legs for male characters (lots of push-ups and running) and focusing on my tummy for female characters (so many crunches!! DX).

For you, since you mentioned doing MtF, I would suggest dancing or something of the sort. My cardio of choice is Zumba (I have the XboxOne game that uses the Kinect) but any sort of prolonged dancing or step aerobics works wonders as long as you stick to it. It's hard to suggest much though since guys' bodies naturally build muscle quicker and easier than gals' (damn that testosterone!) but hope this helps? Also I would suggest maybe not eating protein bars or drinks since protein is what helps build muscle.

Best of luck!

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