Suggestions to improve G1 Optimus Prime toy costume?

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#1 Marthony on 4 years ago


This is early in the game, but planning ahead is good! This Halloween I plan to re-use my Optimus Prime costume and want to upgrade it a bit.

It is made of double-thickness cardboard & duct tape. At the moment I plan to strip off the latex paint, then reinforce it with two painted-on coats of Envirotex resin, which remains flexible. Then, a new paint job. I'd like to add detail to the back, but it would have to be shallow as the torso is already pretty deep.

For Halloween I'll need to swap out the matrix for a cup holder again, or think of another assisted way of drinking as I can't reach my head. Can you think of another way to drink in a bar?

What would you do to improve this costume? I also plan to wear it for the 2017 Calgary Comic Expo next April, and would replace the rifle & upgrade the matrix for that.


#2 ZanyGeek on 4 years ago

Personally, I wouldn't wear it to a bar. Bars usually mean drinking and drinking usually means stupid drunk people who can wreck your costume and it looks like you put a lot of effort into it.

I'm not sure what you plan to drink, but if you do wear it to a bar, you might be able to run the hose from a hydration pack right down your sleeve to your hand and use it like a really long straw. You would probably have to fasten it inside the helmet, since you would need to be able to get it into your mouth without touching it.

#3 Marthony on 4 years ago

Indeed, its debut was for Halloween at the bars, and one fool did poke out a windshield. Most damage was in knocking off the leg wheels because the bar was so crowded, but they've been heavily reinforced since then. I must say I was pleasantly surprised by how much respect others gave the costume; I was helped through at least two crowds by other partiers, and my Macdonald's order was passed to me through 4 'layers' of hungry drunk people! =)

My resin-coating plan for the costume will make it much more durable as well as waterproof, so I'm not that concerned with drunken damage. I'll also have time to make repairs.

I'd be drinking highballs- rum or vodka. It's either put the cup holder within the chest in place of the matrix again, or build an energon cube cup container with straw (and fogged LED's running on 9V batteries). Both require some straw rigging. I cannot reach my face with a standard straw regardless; the suit gets in the way.

Any thoughts on edits to the costume from a con perspective?


#4 DOW234 on 4 years ago

Good but need more time(2017 goal is good to help you work around any problems that comes)

#5 Marthony on 4 years ago

I should have plenty of time for a resin-coating & repaint for this Halloween; the energon cube is the only real unknown. If I can upgrade Devastator in <3 months, I can certainly do the same for little Optimus in less than that.

Thanks for your concern though!