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#1 AnteMeridiem on 3 years ago


I have recently tried to edit an ad of mine- adding a few new photos in good chrome, and once I submit the changes, it says that it is uploading, but then it says the script didnt load correctly, and then the changes did not go through.

Anyone having these issues?

#2 Admin on 3 years ago

Try adding the photos one at a time and without any text changes - it's usually a photo that ends up being too large for the script to handle, or a batch of photos that go over the limit when combined in an upload.

#3 AnteMeridiem on 3 years ago

thank you ill try that!

#4 AnteMeridiem on 3 years ago

Unfortunately, I am still having issues, even after trying the mentioned solutions.

#5 Admin on 3 years ago

Please PM me with a link to the ad you're trying to edit, I'll look into it with you from there.

#6 AnteMeridiem on 3 years ago

Thank you, I finally got it to work :)