Pokemon fan meetup?

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#1 Oragami on 3 years ago

Found out yesterday that I'll be able to make it to A-Kon this year as a volunteer (otherwise I wouldn't be able to :()

I originally posted this on the Pokemon subreddit, but it doesn't hurt to ask other places, right?

Maybe one of the days we could all meet upi at some place near the hotel (or at/in it). A few battles with our games (pretty sure real battles are a no-no XD), trading...Or whatever comes to mind :D

Im thinking of a Pokemon cosplay, but I can't come up with a good idea right now- but the convention is a few months away so I have time :D

#2 Shadarkness on 3 years ago

#3 CS3 on 3 years ago

I'll go.

#4 Oragami on 3 years ago

#5 Oragami on 3 years ago

Yay, another peoples? XD

I really need sleep.

And to find out what the hell I can use as an alternative to wearing an actual weater that wont want to kill me in Dallas

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