looking to start out and would like some info.

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#1 Sir.SmallTIme on 1 year ago

Hey so I recently made my own prop for Debonair Jayce and it turned out great and i really enjoyed making it so i thought it would be a good idea to try and do some commissions in my spare time. I mainly want to start off with weapon props and such and I was wondering what price range you guys have when making a prop for someone. With the prop I have already made I used some timber for the detailed parts and to help with structure and I used foam almost everywhere else I could.

The reason I am asking is that I don't want to start out with prices that are just way to low for the work I put in and I don't want to over price things and scare customers off. Any info you can offer would help a great deal ^_^

Thank you.

#2 rinchansflower on 1 year ago


I don't do prop commissions, but for sewing commissions the way I price myself is time + materials used. I give myself an hourly rate and include the price of material's when it comes to quoting someone.

I would suggest to price yourself fairly. I understand sometimes giving a quote can be intimidating because the price might seem high, but you're doing custom work, and you should be paid accordingly for it. You don't want to price yourself too low that you're going to be taking a cut on making something. I would suggest getting a time tracking app so you understand how much time you're putting into working on something. You don't realize the amount of time spent working on a project until you time it out.

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