I need suggestions for opalescent wings

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#1 BritAurora on 7 months ago

#2 Penlowe on 7 months ago

opalescent gift wrap? there are fairy type wing tutes that use this and it's awesome. the challenge is her wings look fluffy and feathery. Maybe use the gift wrap to cut the feather shapes? (OMG tedious) That gift wrap stuff does float nicely though.


#3 NeverCryAgain on 6 months ago

I would start with a wire outline to wrap everything around.
Then find mylar gift wrap and glue it down.
Or use a pretty fabric, Joann's fabrics has lots of pretty fairy wing fabrics at my local store.
You could also use a combo of these to get the look you want.

#4 Scunosi on 6 months ago

I was going to just suggest fairy wing tutorials but Penlowe pointed out the feather shapes. I think if you want to go a little more daring what I'd try is cutting out the pieces for [URL="https://www.cutoutandkeep.net/projects/paper-slash-craft-foam-wings"]foam wings[/URL], the duplicating everything in the gift wrap used for fairy wings and gluing the two together, then put the wings together. It'd be very easy to at least make a few test feathers to see if it gets you the look you want.

If not you could just fake the outline with the usual fairy wing instructions and make the edges torn/feathered but it won't look nearly at layered.

#5 HoneyHaninozuka on 4 months ago

Wrapping paper on its own will likely tear and be super loud. I recommend doing what Scunosi said (the wrapping paper on foam), doing the same thing with fabric, or fabric alone if you want it to be more fluttery. If you manage to find fabric that fits the wings, it might be less likely to tear.