How to make these?

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#1 Cl0udy on 2 years ago

I'm doing a Cure Yell cosplay (the character in the picture), and I was just wondering how on earth would you make the twisty closure on the front of her outfit? The ones with the yellow buttons? Any heap would be appreciated, I'd look for a tutorial but I have no clue what they're called and I can't seem to wrap my head around how to make them.
Thanks heaps!!

#2 CapsuleCorp on 2 years ago

The image is too small to see exactly what's going on there.

But from a distance, it looks like any number of things. A button with a frog made of cord? A tab that is simply covered in decorative cording or embroidery? There's several ways to go about it, all of which are pretty easy and all of which are going to result in basically the same thing.

#3 DlGlT on 2 years ago

Yeah I'd go with frog closure.