Eye make-up for male character.

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#1 Arilyde on 2 years ago


Today I did a makeup test for my boyfriend for the neutrophil from Cells At Work, and I'm having trouble with the eyes.

Two pictures with his eyes clearly visible:

As you can see he has these really intense eyes with an obvious line around them.

Using eyeliner looked more feminine than what seems appropriate for the character (but maybe it's possible to make a masculine look with it and I just don't know how?), and giving him bags under his eyes like the play actor has made him look tired, rather than resemble the intense look the character has.
But doing nothing just looked unfinished!

Does anyone have any ideas, experience or examples? Thanks in advance!

#2 nathancarter on 2 years ago

Don't do a full eyeliner with a wing. Don't make it thicker/heavier near the outer corners of the eye; keep the liner an even width all the way around the eye.

If he can tolerate it, use a pencil-style liner on the waterline, then a little additional liner or black powder under the lash line, blending it into the lash line and waterline. I doubt I could tolerate someone else doing my waterline, but I can do it myself easily enough with a pencil liner (not with a liquid liner though).

With my heavily hooded eye shape, I normally only do the lower waterline; anything I do on the upper lash line will be hidden anyway. His face may be different so you'll need to experiment with different techniques.

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