Several Wigs for Sale

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#1 KinataRin on 2 years ago

So I am desperate for money at the moment and I have a LOT of wigs I'm not using anymore. In fact, I haven't cosplayed in probably two years now. So these have pretty much just been stored.


All wigs are 10 EXCEPT for the Nia (Pale blonde/Blue with curls) wig and the long purple wig. Both of those are 20, but I am willing to negotiate as well. Shipping is calculated based on location. Sorry for the terrible image quality. My phone kinda sucks but do not let that reflect the quality of the wigs. All have been stored well. The purple is kept in a braid to prevent tangling.

#2 Ezreal on 2 years ago

I'm interested in the long purple wig. Do you remember where you originally bought the wig? What is the cost of shipping to Ontario, Canada? Thanks.

#3 demondog14 on 2 years ago

Is the Nia wig still for sale?

#4 ModernPrincess on 1 year ago

Are any of these still available?