7 wigs for sale, all prices are negotiable

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#1 Dilandau on 1 year ago

i there!
so i havn't been on this site for a while and i have been having so much trouble posting the pics on here so i may as well post the kijiji ad:

wig A: SOLD
wig B: $10. really good condition, natural feel and look, synthetic, adult size, hair clip included.
wig C: SOLD
wig D: SOLD
wig E: $10. almost new, synthetic, adult size/adjustable, despite its condition its seems to have been thinned out compared to wig D.
wig F: $6. generic costume wig, synthetic, adult size. the hair is the type that will frizz easily but has kept well being stored in braid.
wig E: generic costume wig, synthetic, adult size. i won't lie, this one has not done well in storage. hair is the kind that will float easily, getting into knots. i don't remember why i have it, what i have done to it, nor why it had 3 strands of beads attached to it. willing to give this one as a free-be if you get it outta my house ASAP/get multiple wigs and want it.

all wigs are negotiable, depending on how many you want, how soon you can get them out of my house, and whether or not you make me drag my butt into the outside world.

pick up preferably but willing to deliver at finch station.

please feel free to ask any questions.

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