Stretchy waist band

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#1 CS3 on 1 year ago

Is it possible to increase the size of an elastic waist band? I have these fleece pants I want to add 1"-2" to the waist. Or is it not possible without remaking the entire pants from scratch?

#2 DlGlT on 1 year ago

Is the elastic sewn directly to the fabric or is it loose inside a fabric casing?

#3 CS3 on 1 year ago

I believe it is sewn directly to the elastic. It has an accordion like appearance no draw string.

#4 Penlowe on 1 year ago

In that case, not without major work where buying a new pair is probably easier. If it has loose elastic inside a casing, yes, you can pull out the old elastic and put in a new bigger piece provided the pants have enough room to do so.

materials required: 2 safety pins, patience, seam ripper.

* do not cut your new elastic to length before threading into the pants.
1. pick out about an inch worth of stitches at the [U]center front[/U] of the pants.
2. pull the old elastic already in the pants out this opening about two inches.
3. Use a safety pin to attach the new elastic to the old elastic. Make sure to fold the elastics just a little so the safty pin passes through each one twice.
4. HOLDING VERY FIRMLY, cut the old elastic between the safety pin and your hold point.
5. Pull your hold side out a little & pin it to the pants with your remaining safety pin.
6. thread the two elastics pin into the casing of the pants, make sure it's started smoothly.
7. grab your anchored side and pull firmly but smoothly to work elastic all the way around the pants.
** It may hang up at side seams, roll the channel in your fingers to allow the pin to escape the hold up.
8. Once the new elastic is all the way through, re-pin the new end to the pants and dispose of the old elastic. Remember, you are using elastic from a roll or package so there should be a very long piece hanging out the end of the opening.
9. Put the pants on, adjust elastic for comfort. I recommend a 1" overlap of elastic for sewing. Now you can cut the elastic.
10. Sew elastic, tuck into casing, sew casing closed again.

As long as it took me to type that, I could have done it twice, It just looks like a lot when put in full sentences.

#5 CS3 on 1 year ago

Picture for reference. The elastic band is a band that is done like a sleeve that was fished through it.

#6 CapsuleCorp on 1 year ago

Yeah that's elastic inside a casing, not elastic sewn to the surface of the fabric. Use Penlowe's instructions above and just thread new elastic into it. It appears there's enough give in the waistband to let it out a smidge.

#7 CS3 on 1 year ago

That's what I'm more worried about if I put in a longer elastic the fit would feel awkward or there would have to be patches done to it.

#8 Penlowe on 1 year ago

To clarify: you can put these on comfortably, only the elastic is tighter than you like, right? Because if you can't slip them on, the issue is bigger than the elastic in the waistband.

How about a photo in them, that will help us help you.

#9 CS3 on 1 year ago

They fit me fine right now. I want to bulk up and I'm worried I'll get too big as its part of a costume of mine so I want to see what options if that does happen.

#10 Penlowe on 1 year ago

Ah. Unless you intend to do no exercise and only consume milkshakes, your waist isn't going to change measurement that much. It's just one body area that when one gets stronger it doesn't get a whole lot bigger, just harder. It might even shrink. Your thighs might get a lot bigger though, depending on your workout regimen.