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#1 AnimeKissu on 1 year ago

[FONT="Arial"][CENTER]I'm Morgan from AnimeKissuCosplay! AnimeKissuCosplay is a local cosplay group that has just started.We Have two members so far, Kayla And I.So I thought I would say hi and introduce myself!
My name is Morgan. I have been cosplaying for a few months now. I discovered cosplay in 2014 but finally decided to take the plunge! My first convention was Anime Expo 2017, were I did Korra from The Legend Of Korra and Hanji Zoe from Attack on Titan. I decided to go big or go home on my first con! I am currently working on a Soul Eater Evens Cosplay from Soul Eater and a genderbend Kaneki Ken from Tokyo Ghoul! Kayla is working on a Maka Albarn cosplay to go with my Soul Cosplay! I am all about cosplaying anime characters but I am hoping to expand my cosplaying to games such as Overwatch and Final Fantasy! Our Contacts are as follows:
Instagram: anime_kissu_cosplay
E-mail: [email][email protected][/email]
Youtube: Anime Kissu Cosplay
All relatively simple!
I'm really hoping to meet more people and improve my cosplays!:razz::skidude2::spinner:[/CENTER][/FONT]

#2 Angelx624 on 1 year ago

Hey there and welcome!! XD Cosplay groups are tons of fun! I miss having local cosplay groups, but hopefully that'll happen again. ^^

Hope you are able to make yourself at home here! :) And enjoy cosplay as well!!

#3 luckystarday on 1 year ago

Hello and welcome. Just have fun here. Any question you could also ask here.