Coming to Japan Where to Cosplay?

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#1 Texasgal on 2 years ago

Hi! My teenage daughter is traveling to Japan this weekend (from Texas) and would like to Cosplay. I have heard that Shibuya on Sunday is a good place/time to cosplay but haven't found much information on the Internet about it. My questions are:

1) is this a good place for amateur cosplayers?

2) is there any particular place that Shibuya to go/ ( I have heard that there is a shopping mall people gather?)

3) Are people in Japan familiar with characters from Steven Universe?

4) Would she be out of place if she paints her skin blue to match the character?

Thank you for your help!

#2 division-ten on 2 years ago

She would be VERY out of place. "Cosplay" you see in Japanse outdoor areas is more like alt fashion- Lolita (French poofy dreesses) or other similarly just-off fashion like goth is what you'd see. Cosplay is usually reserved for conventions and photo events and is NOT seen in the street.

#3 Texasgal on 2 years ago

Thank you division-ten. That is very helpful!