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#1 StarsOfCassiopeia on 2 years ago

Hey all!

I realized I spend a lot of time hanging out on CosCom answering people's questions anyways, so one of my 2017 goals was to make a [URL=""]Youtube channel[/URL] geared towards cosplay tutorials.

[U]Master List of Current Video Tutorials:[/U]
- [URL=""]DIY Gemstones/Geodes[/URL]
- [URL=""]Work Log: Constellation Dress[/URL]
- [URL=""]Resizing a Wig Head (to fit your head shape)[/URL]
- [URL=""]Marinette (Miraculous Ladybug) Wig Tutorial[/URL]
- [URL=""]Process Video: Pokemon GO Laser Cut Necklaces[/URL]
- [URL=""]Cosplay & College: Balancing Your Hobbies and School[/URL]

[U]Coming Soon (Tutorials In Progress):[/U]
- Bureau of Balance Bracers
- DIY Witch/Wizard hat
- Shiro (Voltron) Wig Tutorial / Undercut wig tutorial
- Judal (Magi) Wig Tutorial
- Freezer Paper Stenciling

If there's anything in particular you'd like to see from me, please feel free to drop a post here! Thanks!

#2 StarsOfCassiopeia on 2 years ago

New video up: [URL=""]resizing a wig head[/URL]!

This is a quick and easy one, and is really good for when you need to do more complicated styles that have to sit *just so* on you when you take them off the wig head.

#3 StarsOfCassiopeia on 1 year ago

Haven't updated this list in a while, but here's a new one: DIY gemstones/geodes, from household products!



#4 lunaflora on 1 year ago

slightly off topic, but WOW am I envious of those maaassive windows and space I see in your Constellation dress video!

#5 StarsOfCassiopeia on 1 year ago

Haha yeah, that work space was incredible-- got to work in one of the university's art studios for that project, which was a (pun intended) stellar experience. *-* Wish I had that all the time!