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#1 KyroTheAssassin on 3 years ago

I'm sure a lot of people have already been in this spot, but I'm planning on cosplaying Celty this year for a convention. I already have most of the stuff, the helmet, gloves, rice/balloon method for the boobs and all that. But I'm stumped on the actual suit itself. I was hoping to find one that isn't made from a shiny latex material and more of a dull black leather. I've only found one and that was $200 which is pretty over my budget for cosplay this year.
Anyone have any suggestions or know of any full black body suit that's still a tight fit and great for crossplaying?

#2 Jei-Cos on 3 years ago

Well see, the problem is that regardless, a good quality one WILL cost that much. I can't tell, but I'm guessing you are under the impression that it's real leather? Unless it's some idiot selling it that has never seen leather before, I can guarantee it's not leather. A leather jacket that's JUST a normal plain jacket costs more than that..No way in hell a full body suit would cost less. That uses WAY more leather. Also none of the shiny ones are leather either, so..But you said you didn't want those..Which is what you'll normally find..

So like I said, you aren't looking for leather..Matte Vinyl or Pleather is more likely what you'll be after. "Matte" is what they call the non shiny look, and "Vinyl" and "Pleather" is artificial leather. Honestly it depends on the seller and what they call it..A lot of them use the 2 interchangeably. But again, you likely won't find good quality ones for much less than that..
What IS your budget?

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