Fire Emblem Photoshoot/Meetup?

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#1 tealgoddess on 4 years ago

Hi there everyone!! I'm going to be cosplaying Miriel from Fire Emblem: Awakening with a friend as my Ricken, and was wondering if people would like to do a meetup/ photoshoot!!

This is the first con I've been to in a while without having to run tables, so for once I'm free for whenever people want the meet to be :>

#2 MajesticFerrets on 4 years ago

Hello there! I'll be at Afest as a regular tactician, and I'd love to do a photo op!

#3 tealgoddess on 4 years ago

Awesome! I'm thinking Saturday is a good time since a couple friends of mine were planning on wearing theirs then :>

Also I figured I'd mention I have a[URL=""] FB event up[/URL] for those who want to join that!! If we don't get too many attendees I may change around what we do haha

#4 MajesticFerrets on 4 years ago

All right, cool! I'll see if I can somehow manage to persuade my friends to come as well.

I'll join the FB event as soon as I can. By the way, my name's Elaine. Nice to meet yah!

#5 tealgoddess on 4 years ago

Hi Elaine! My name's Ally :>

I actually went ahead and took the event on fb down due to lack of interest, but we can still hang out and chat about fire emblem if you'd like, and bring friends and whatnot!! I figure here's good enough a place to decide a time and location since fb didn't show the same interest haha

#6 MajesticFerrets on 4 years ago

Yeah! Really, I'll be around as the tactician for all the days. I'm pretty busy to do any other cosplay at the moment, so it's really up to you on when you're available. :)

#7 tealgoddess on 4 years ago

Sounds good! When and where would y'all like to meet up? My Ricken and I will be dressed on Friday and Saturday but Sat we will be waiting in line for signatures at 11-1 or so. Would something like 2 in the sitting area above the artist alley be good?

#8 MajesticFerrets on 4 years ago

Uhh, anywhere is good for me actually. Excuse me if I'm late though, it's my first time going to Afest, and I have a bad sense of direction. What's your friend's name by the way? I'd rather know someone by their actual name. xD

#9 tealgoddess on 4 years ago

Sure that's fine!! And my Ricken's name is Ace! He and I should be pretty spottable with our huge hats and capes but you never know hahaha.

May I ask who all you are bringing then too? Just in case I need to spot y'all as well it would make it easier u v u

#10 MajesticFerrets on 4 years ago

So far, it looks like it's only going to be me who's going to be cosplaying. If my friend does come, she's going to be cosplaying Henry. On the other hand, my boyfriend is debating or not to even go to the convention; if he does, he'll be cosplaying Owain. As for me, I'll be a black, short-haired tactician. I'm pretty short too, so keep your eyes extra peeled xD

As for my friends who aren't cosplaying, I'll be in a group with three Asian guys and a girl, who'll be dressed like a Musketeer... well sort of.

#11 Shadarkness on 4 years ago

Hello! ^_^

I'll be premiering my Gaius cosplay at the con! And been looking at the posts, and photo ops would be awesome! :D

#12 MajesticFerrets on 4 years ago

Hey there, sir! <3
It's nice to have a Gaius in the group! :) What's your name?

#13 tealgoddess on 4 years ago

Ahh cool!! * 0 * I'm glad you were able to find this forum then!! We will be meeting at about 2 on Saturday on the second floor in that sitting area in front of the dealer's room (its on the floor above the artist alley). We may move around later if we decide to actually take photos, but for now Ace and I should be pretty easily spottable in our Miriel and Ricken giant hats haha

And Elaine, I really hope your friends can come too!! The more the merrier!

#14 tealgoddess on 4 years ago

Actually slight problem!! So they seemed to have moved registration to where I was planning to hold the meetup? That means I will have to check out and see how much of the space is left over for sitting before the event happens, but hopefully there shouldn't be a problem!

I'd prefer if we can meet here because its probably the most air conditioned area for a meet but if we have to move we can.

#15 MajesticFerrets on 4 years ago

Ahhh, slight problem on my part! Turns out, I'm going to leave Houston at 10 in the morning on Friday. I'm going to assume that we'll arrive at the hotel at 3, maybe 2, depending on how fast my friend drives. It's not too much of a problem, but it's just a minor little disruption.

As for the meeting place, I'm sure we can meet over there. Just in a little secluded area.