Pictures taken of Blair (Soul Eater) & Sylveon (Pokemon)?

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#1 ashi ketchum on 5 years ago

It seems the presence of SDCC on dwindles even further as we don't have a "Did you take my picture?" thread yet! But aside from shoots or those I got business cards from, I rarely see the rest, so I'll ask anyway. :)

I cosplayed Blair from Soul Eater from around 9am - 3pm Thursday. Tall black witches hat with curl, navy blue crop top, black shorts, black boots.

I also cosplayed Sylveon (gijinka) from Pokemon around 12pm - 8pm Saturday. Cream colored top with pink ruffles, three-tiered creme colored skirt with pink ruffles and a pink bow around the back tail, pink and white striped knee highs, and, of course, the ears, tail, bows, and ribbons.

If you took one or spot one, I'd love to see it! Preferably via a message so I get the alert. Thanks! :D