Princess Suwa kimono?

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#1 Magyarita on 6 years ago

Hi! I want to start working on a Princess Suwa cosplay soon!

Reference pics:

I'm not exactly sure how to create the kimono. It seems a little odd, since the skirt is so short and pleated, not like a normal yukata or anything like that. Any suggestions are appreciated!

#2 Tiffany_Park on 6 years ago

Maybe do it in two pieces? Looks like it's a shortened kimono top tucked into a pleated skirt. Disguise the two pieces by wearing the obi with the big bow tied in front and the obi accessories, then wear the shortened kimono/haori over it.

#3 samwillow39 on 5 years ago

i think for inner red dress you can buy some red cloth and go to the tailor. for outer, that common kimono right? u can search it online or go tp the traditional market.
good luck!