3D-printet gun

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#1 RedLittleDragon on 5 years ago

I am considering commissioning a 3D model of this gun:

Since I have not managed to find any with the exact look anywhere.
Anyone know where it is possible to find it ready made?
Anyone else interested in sharing in the order, printing more than one once the model is made should be easy, as long as you know some helpful people with a 3D printer :)

#2 yatza on 5 years ago

so id never really noticed before but it is nearly exactly the same as the Walther PPK 9mm pistol used by James Bond. only difference is the modified trigger guard.


#3 RedLittleDragon on 5 years ago

The FN 1910 has a closer match to the barrel shape than the Walter, but neither is an exact match, and the differences on the handle are apparent too.

In my opinion the Walter looks like a gun, which naturally makes it similar, but not like the gun I want :P

I will not deny that I am a bit of a detail freak, and since I have an ok paying job makes it possible to buy things like a 3D-model of exactly the one I want (I have now ordered it 300 $)

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