Kiki's Delivery Service Help??

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#1 ghostofjessica on 5 years ago

I'm new to cosplaying (I've only ever done Marceline for Halloween the last 2 years) and me and a friend want to try cosplaying Kiki and Sheeta from Kiki's Delivery Service and Castle in the Sky. I'm going to be Kiki and I need a little help. I already bought some shoes and I'm making the broom and radio so that's all good.

I need to get:
1) Dress
2) Bag
3) Hairband/Bow
1) Jiji doll

I have absolutely 0 sewing skills so that's really not an option. I'm also looking to not spend a whole lot on this. The less it is the better. If anyone can send me links on where to buy any of the items I listed or even items similar that would be great! Thanks so much!! :heart: :bigtu:

#2 Magyarita on 5 years ago

Amazon has a Jiji doll, if I remember correctly.