Photoshoot vs. Cosplay Gathering Word Usage

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#1 Hcoregamer00 on 5 years ago

Is it just me, or is there an increasing number of people who are using the word "Photoshoot" incorrectly. I am starting to notice this on Facebook and in CosCom, that people are using the word photoshoot to describe a cosplay gathering.

Maybe it is just me, but I get a little annoyed at this mix up in words since cosplay gatherings have a completely different dynamic than a photoshoot. Cosplay gatherings are crazy affairs with various levels of organization, with a cadre of photographers fighting for the same-ish looking photo. Photoshoots are more personal affairs in which cosplayers interact with a single (or maybe a small number) of photographers, where the pace and backgrounds are limited by the imagination of both parties.

I run cosplay gatherings, but I don't photograph them anymore, but I do a heck of a lot of photoshoots at con.

#2 thebrick on 5 years ago

For me a photoshoot is structured, planned, and professional. Taking walkabout photos at cons is not a photoshoot.

#3 Hcoregamer00 on 5 years ago

[QUOTE=thebrick;4863849]For me a photoshoot is structured, planned, and professional. Taking walkabout photos at cons is not a photoshoot.[/QUOTE]

Yes, there is a demarcation between the two. There is the 'photoshoot' and the 'hallway shot.' The photoshoot is an extended session between cosplayer and photographer where cosplayer and photographer move from location to location and do a personal shoot based on feedback between both parties. A hallway shot is done when a photographer spots a cosplayer, and takes a photo then and there, maybe moving the cosplayer a couple of feet to maximize lighting conditions. It is quick, and a lot less personal.

Now, some photographers are very good at their craft and have done such a good job that hallway shots almost look like photoshoots, but those guys need to have an eye for lighting, backgrounds, and finding ways to mitigate background clutter in the photo.

#4 ItsTroy on 5 years ago

There are photo shoots setup by individual photographers as well as photo shoots that involve a large group of related cosplayers getting together for anyone to take pictures of. The group ones can be very organized or completely random, depending on who scheduled the event.

Hallway shots are definitely not in the same realm of photos taken during a photo shoot. No argument there.