Bleach Cosplayers over here!!

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#1 flareon64 on 5 years ago

Hey guys, I'm hoping to find out who will be cosplaying as a Bleach character and hopefully set up a photoshoot for Friday at Nekocon. I will be cosplaying as Uryu Ishida and my friend will be cosplaying as Captain Shunsui. If interested and remember me from last years photoshoot, just reply and I'll get back to you. Lets try and get as many bleach cosplayers as possible!! :toothy:

#2 simpbass on 5 years ago

I'll bring beaten up Byakuya most likely

#3 HirakoSakanade on 5 years ago

i may bring captain shinji, unsure yet. i was waiting for kubo to put him into a fight lol. also wanted to do with with captain kensei and captain rose