My Little Pony Megacon 2014

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#1 tapestrypuppet on 6 years ago

Any pony going to Megacon want to meet up? Nothing fancy or super organized, maybe just whatever photos we may want and some frolicking about!
My suggestion would be Sunday, since I have other costume plans for the other days. I'll be Vinyl Scratch, so I'll have music with me, so maybe we can have a mini dance party!

#2 figment1986 on 6 years ago

I might be a pony, not sure yet but I was going tk try to be photo finish at metro and that fell through... I know a small group will be there promoting the grand brony galla, so we'll see, maybe have a photoshoot.

#3 tapestrypuppet on 6 years ago

That's cool...if that group wants to organize a meet up or anything, I'm all for it!

#4 moonfall on 6 years ago

I might bring my gala dress Twilight Sparkle, although the hoop skirt I would normally wear with it is in storage (and by that I mean "at my mom's house.")

#5 HopeForHyrule on 6 years ago

I was debating on bringing my Masquerade Fluttershy cosplay, so I'd be interested in a meet-up. Wasn't planning on cosplaying Sunday, though.