Anyone been to Animazement?

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#1 sayaka magica on 5 years ago

Can you please review it if you have? It doesn't matter if it's lengthy, just wanna know the pros, cons, what made you have a good/bad time, and anything else that's important to know.

#2 Debitto_of_Bond on 5 years ago

I've been going to Animazement since the con was in the Sheriton. It's a pretty good con in my opinion, decent selection of panels, nice Artist Alley and Dealer's Room and everyone there is pretty cool. Only down side I can think of is at the current location the RCC, they get a little overzealous with the peace binding rule. But really that is so ridiculous you can't help but get a chuckle or two.

#3 R3dOtaku on 5 years ago

Been going to Animazement for several years now. It is one of the better cons in the area. Good selection of panels, events, etc. The only problem I have with it is with some of the people who attend. Since it's grown to be so large, many people are going who don't care at all about what the con is actually for. People outside dancing, people going to notionally harass others, trolling, people going just for attention. These people with their poor attitudes and lack of consideration for others have almost ruined the con for us for the last two years. Not to mention drunks, druggies, and everything else. Just don't expect a small con atmosphere if you go.

#4 NiGHTmaren on 5 years ago

I went last year and enjoyed it. I found most of the people there very pleasant, a lot of interesting guests and events, everything ran pretty smoothly from what I could see, and the location was nice and close by food locations. A lot of fans of old school, which I really appreciated. :) I really wish I could go again this year but it's not in the cards. I think most people would enjoy the con though.

#5 Tsunade82 on 5 years ago

I've been going for many years and have always had a great time. It has become very family friendly. People are very nice and they usually have great guest. I will be there again this year. It's so much fun.

#6 Tokinz on 5 years ago

I have been going to Animazement since 2009! It's a pretty good con. I'd recommend having at least $200 (minimum) to spend on things you may want to buy from the Artist Alley and the Dealer's Room. As far as hotel preference goes, I'd say it's up to you. The primary hotel (The Marriott) is located right across the street from the Convention Center. It has an underground passage (great for when it rains), three game rooms and if you like Starbucks... there's a Starbucks too. The Sheraton (Primary Overflow Hotel) is beside the Marriott (separated by a parking deck). It has a sandwich/pizza shop (Sam and Wally's) downstairs. If you don't book a room at either of those, the Clarion is within walking distance but I recommend having a car and parking in the parking deck so you don't have to walk back and forth if you want to put your stuff down. Just check the site under "general info" for hotels in the surrounding area. If you walk up the passage between the two hotels (Marriott/Sheraton) or walk out of the back door of the Sheraton, you'll have a handful of restaurants for you to chose from. Fire Wok, Shish Kabob, Jimmy Johns, a pizza place annnnnnd there's a McDonald's within walking distance that Con-goers frequent. Oh! And a Chick-Fil-A that closes at two (PM). I'd keep going but I'm sure you get the point, there are plenty of places to eat in downtown Raleigh. The "R" Line is a free line that runs through downtown and stops in front of the Convention center. I've never been on it personally, however, I hear it's a great way to become familiar with your surroundings. Prepare yourself for random high fives, free hugs and when the night time comes, drunk people and glowsticks. Nothing to worry about really considering that most of the drunk people there stay to themselves or with their groups. However, one time last year, there was one person who came up to me and a group of my friends and tried to start a confrontation for no reason. The dances (Friday and Saturday Night) take place both in and outside of the convention center. If the dance (rave) inside is going through a boring spell, I've noticed that the one outside will be a bit more entertaining during that time and vice versa. You'll have plenty to do both day and night. You can learn Japanese or learn how to make your own plushie. Attend "Anime Hell". Go to a couple of concerts with traditional Japanese music or J-Rock (NOIZ has been a frequent guest) or other genres. Whatever you do, please wear shoes and have your badge in clear sight or face the wrath of the staff members. A brief note on shoes: Make sure all pairs of shoes you wear at the con are comfortable and can withstand the many hikes you will take at AZ! If you have to purchase Dr. Scholl's beforehand, do so! The last thing you'd want is for your con experience to be ruined because you have sore feet. Most people that attend Animazement are friendly but every year I manage to meet a handful of people that aren't so nice and can be pretty cocky. On the bright side, it's easy to make friends! Not 72-hour friends but establish legitimate friendships.

#7 RikaMika on 5 years ago

I've gone to Animazement for 3 years. Soon to be 4. Not having a job, or a way to travel to any other cons, this is my one con of the year. I have so much fun.
Pros: Everyone was always so nice, I've never had a mean comment. The Panels I have gone to were so much fun. Cosplay chess is incredible and the artist alley is full of great artists. I have never failed to find something wonderful in the Dealers room. Even photoshoots are incredible.
Cons: Not much that i've noticed.
It might just be me being biased. But I have fun every year!

#8 gules on 5 years ago

Went last year. I used to go to Otakon until life got too busy, and sometimes AWA until I got yelled at and accidentally groped by their ID checker for entering a room when he was inside the room instead of outside at his post (even though I stood outside for a few minutes wondering if someone was going to check my ID). When I formally complained, AWA head of security was more interested in covering his ass than offering an apology or looking into better employee training. Never going back there again.

Compared to Otakon, it's a high ticket price for so much less things to see and do. Compared to AWA, it's tighter run and more friendly, with about as many things to do and less people to compete with to get into panels or workshops.

Animazement is pretty small to what I'm used to, but as far as a local event goes, it's pretty good. The convention space is a little ambitious but leaves them room to grow I guess. The staff I saw last year was friendly though firm, and many of the con-goers inside the actual building were super-nice. Outside, of course, the general populace is allowed to wander around, so you'll get the same mix of people in any decently urban city to who want to gawk at any kind of subcultural gathering.

Animazement focuses on a lot more family-friendly stuff than I'm used to (their idea of needing an ID bracelet doesn't include anything harder than some panty shots from what I can tell). The artist alley is a bit hit or miss for me, and the con closes early compared to the larger ones I'm used to. BUT if you're local and don't have the budget to go to something significantly bigger, it's definitely well worth the effort to meet all kinds of fun people and run around in your cosplay. I got some neat ideas and tips from other cosplayers and felt much less shy about asking questions just because the atmosphere was intimate enough to see the person a couple times, but not so close that you felt like you'd ALWAYS see them.

Definitely bring some cash money. As at any con, most of the artist alley will want things paid in cash. Also, some of their workshops are fun but have a materials fee, and you can only pay in cash when you sign up.

Someone mentioned that they are zealous about the badges and weapons policy-- this is true, but it's all for your safety, and the staff I met were all very polite and helpful about things. Just make sure to read their weapon rules and get your weapon checked in first thing, and keep your badge handy to show when moving from room to room. I pinned mine on my backpack and simply pointed at it or held it up when entering a new room, and everything was fine.

#9 Crystalsetsuna on 5 years ago

not sure if you still need a review or not, but i'll throw in my two cents!

been to animazement two seperate years, non consective. the first was kinda of a random decision, as i had never been to an anime convention before and figured it'd be a fun thing to do while visiting my boyfriend. i dressed up as Chii the first year and Princess Serenity last year, and had quite a bit of fun! the layout of everything is kinda confusing at first...

on the lowest level, you have the merchandise area, which is quite amazing and oh so large...a bit narrow in the aisles, but not bad. best to do an up/down pattern...up one aisle then down the next, then hit the middle bits at the end for anything you might have missed. XD my favorite part was the japanese food stand, which had Ramune soda, pocky of all sorts even giant!!, and fantastically fresh steamcakes.<3*drool* the anime is laid out very nicely, though you kinda have to push through people a little to get close enough to look. before you take the escalator down to the merch area, next door is the prop room for big stuff they won't allow in the merch area, and further down i believe is the game room. perfect for geeks, but for a casual gamer like me, not too much fun...though the dancing game last year was quite nice!

above/near the merchandise area is the artist alley, which is a bit crowded as well, but fairly decent. above them are the panel rooms, and a nice empty area with a bunch of windows for a fantastic view where the yugioh duelists tend to gather. a fantastic spot to rest achey feet, soak some sun and enjoy a few duels!

on the otherside of the lobby/check in area, there are escalators the lead up to the ballrooms, where the anime chess/dances happen. when you're on that floor, you can feel the people jumping. XD i was almost a bit scared once that they might collapse the whole floor! didn't happen. i think this is the same floor as the panel rooms/yugioh area. or a bit above it.

ignoring the escalators, if you walk down the hall, on the left you'll generally find the anime library! not as well organized as a bookworm like me would like, and not a lot of selection..but a nice place to kind of enjoy a few quite minutes and enjoy a not-yelled conversation.

that's about all i can remember...i probably messed up the areas, but i remember the general layout! it's the kind of thing that gets foggy until you go back...the people are very friendly, and despite the crowdedness, it has the feel of a cozy sort of community.^^ i was worried about my first year...but desite the fact i don't really know anyone when i go, it doesn't matter! you make friends for the weekend at least, and get to have a blast. and the panels are pretty awesome too!

#10 Silent Jo on 5 years ago

I'm curious to know what Anime Hell is. This will be my first year attending and I've seen it mentioned but never explained. I'm really looking forward to it, but I am so far behind on my cosplays it's ridiculous!


#11 Debitto_of_Bond on 5 years ago

Anime Hell is some of the more bizarre things that The Land of The Rising Sun has to offer. Think of it kinda like Anime USA's Worst of The Internet only exclusively Japanese.

#12 luckikitten on 5 years ago

This will only be my 3rd year attending, but I plan on attending many more in the future. Overall, I had a wonderful time taking pictures, attending panels, getting autographs, and much more. My only two main concerns were having signs to show where lines begin/end for panels and autograph sessions and watching the doors at the beginning of the masquarade. People seem to have a hard time getting behind others who are already in line. At least twice last year, there would be a line for something and others would just walk right up to the front and stand as if the line did not exist. There was almost a stampede just for the masquarade! We'll all fit inside the ballroom. No need to hurt anyone. Still, I'd certainly recommend this one as a good "first-timer" con, as it's not too big and it's not too small. The guest list was also out of this world! XD Make sure you wear comfortable shoes or at least have a back up pair in the car or your room if they don't fit in with your cosplay. While there are eating places (more for your money outside the convention), snacks that don't easily melt are also a good idea if you find that your schedule is busy.