Dangan Ronpa and SDR2 Cosplay Gathering

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#1 CosplayNewbie11 on 5 years ago

hey guys! i am holding a Danganronpa Gathering on April 19th at Anime Conji this year so anyone who is a Danganronpa character is welcome to come!! This is my first gathering so im very excited!! :sunny:

[B]This means:

-official character

-genderbent characters


-Fairy! Dangan Ronpa

-ect. you get the drift......

Fem! Oowada Mondo
monokuma (x2)
chihiro fujisaki
chiaki nanami (maybe!)
Fairy Leon
Fairy Chihiro
Fairy Celes
junko enoshima (x2)
aoi asahina
genocider syo
mukuro ikusaba
male! genocider syo
Fem! Leon Kuwata (maybe!)
Leon Kuwata

Gathering will start at 1:30pm. meet in the lobby (where we buy the admission) then we will decide where we want to go from there :D Photography is allowed so you are welcome to take a whole bunch of pics! P.S. I WILL BE THE GIRL COSPLAYING FEM! OOWADA MONDO! :D

#2 Negimeister00 on 5 years ago

This is great! I am working on Chihiro and this sounds like a good opportunity to debut as well as test out. Yay~! I know that I would be going.

#3 LinkPwnsGanon on 5 years ago

planning to go as Chiaki Nanami and I might be bringing my little nephew as Monokuma and my little niece as Monomi

#4 CosplayNewbie11 on 5 years ago

thanks to whoever is going so far~! cant wait to see you all there ^_^

#5 ocelotnvrlose on 5 years ago

I'll be there as Junko. Hopefully I will have my monokuma plush ready by then. ^^/

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