FFXIV Black Mage cosplay material ideas

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#1 Phyore on 6 years ago

So I'm looking to cosplay as a Black Mage in the AF gear from Final Fantasy XIV.


So the marterials I had in mind were [url]http://www.amazon.co.uk/BLACK-LEATHER-FABRIC-LEATHERETTE-UPHOLSTERY/dp/B0042EPKOG[/url] for the coat and hat etc and also spectrum 100% cotton for the trousers and like wise.

Just wondering what everyone thinks of the materials for it :3

Just so ya know it will be my first cosplay I will be making, but it is more for experimenting also! :D So even if I don't make it perfect i can modify etc~ ^^

#2 KittyAngel on 5 years ago

Vynal is a good option, but do keep in mind the cost per yard. Also, look into fake pleather as well. Don't forget the faux leather as well.

For the pants, you can easily get what you want with maybe jersey knit. At best.

Cotton's okay if you're on a major tight budget, but cotton can make it look cheap sometimes. Some areas are okay with cotton and others are not. For something like this, it's best to stay away from cotton as much as possible. The only thing I can think of for the cotton fabric would probably be the hat.

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