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#1 SoulsOfTeardrop on 4 years ago

Hey there, I've been desperately wanting to cosplay the 2p version of Nyotalia Japan for a while now but, the thing is, I can't figure out how to do her top and the flower clip.



I don't like ordering cosplays cause it doesn't feel like it's worth it compared to making it, so please, I would like help in making at least one of these. I already have the skirt and naginata made so those are done. I just need the military coat and flower clip.

Also, it'd be nice to know what kind of fabric to use too.


#2 StormySchau on 4 years ago

When I needed to make a flower clip for one of my cosplay's, I used this tutorial I found on youtube and altered it to make it work for my character. It was really easy and quick to make, I hope this helps you too!^_^

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