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#1 Volnixshin on 4 years ago

Hey guys, I recently finished a SHIELD agent Barney Barton/Trickshot cosplay. It was designed to be sleek and tactical, with obvious military stylings

but now I'm moving to the HYDRA side of the coin. As with Trickshot, the design is to work in the world of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so nothing too over the top.

The character I have selected to cosplay is Grim Reaper, Eric Williams, a long time supporter of Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker.

But so far i have yet to come up with a solid design. I entertained the idea of a skull mask, but have since dropped that idea in the hopes that a hood will do better justice

any help is appreciated.
attached are pictures of the Trickshot design /with hopes that inspiration for Reaper can be pulled from/ and links to Grim Reaper





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