Homestuck PJ Party Friday Night

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#1 Daynosaurous on 3 years ago

So I just heard about a Homestuck pajama party friday night of the con. There wasn't a time or location yet since they're waiting for the events schedule but its a non-alcholic kind of party for Homestuck cosplayers to play some games and chat together in our pj cosplays. I'll give an update when I know more about the specific when and where. :)

#2 Daynosaurous on 3 years ago

So the party will be at 9:00pm Friday night where the autographs were last year so long as we aren't in the way of anything. If so we'll just relocate :)

#3 Daynosaurous on 3 years ago

Hey guys, for those who don't know the pj party is where guest signatures were last year at 9:00pm. So where you came in for registration you'd go up the escalators under the chandelier, and walk around to the large open area. Even if you don't have pjs come hang out with us! There will be a Karkat in a crab onesie and a Tavros in "pupa pan" pjs to find where the party is so come talk and sit with us if you'd like!!