Storing/Protecting Cosplay Prints

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#1 jayzap96 on 5 years ago

So I've asked a similar thing somewhere on this site before about what people do with their cosplay prints that they buy.

Well I've started a little collection now. On top of the print I bought a while back, after a con today, I now have 2 signed prints from famous cosplayers, as well as a photo I had taken with them both.

I'm faced with a dilemma now! While the photo has a sleeve to protect it a little, the 2 signed prints have 0 protection! How do I store these prints!? They're rather large, somewhere between a4 and a3 in size, so they don't fit in a simple album or anything. Should I hunt down a large sized album, or are there other ways to protect and store these? I would die if anything happened to them because I absolutely idolise these cosplayers!!!

Any suggestions help, whether you speak from experience or not (but if you are speaking from experience, please say so. I'm more likely to think about it if I know your in the same boat as me).

Thank you :) :) :)

#2 WonJohnSoup on 5 years ago

They make stiff poster sleeves. I use one to protect an old giant signed print from a basketball player I met. Excellent protection. You mention A4 and A3 sizing so I'm guessing you not in America. I'm not sure if there's available where you live, but this is an example of one made for Imperial sizing in inches.

Hope this helps!


#3 jayzap96 on 5 years ago

Thanks for the advice. Amazon is available here (Australia), but its ridiculously overpriced due to conversion rates as well as high shipping. I might search for the items in local office supply stores and photo joints. Failing that I will go online.

The prints were of Taiwan Cosplayers, Neneko and Momo, who I absolutely love! The prints are currently being stored in individual plastic bags I obtained at the con that happen to fit them well, that should keep them safe and avoid ruining the marker until I can get something more permanent.

Thanks again :)

#4 mrgetalife on 5 years ago

Itoya Portfolio cases.