Need Roommates for Youmacon 2014!

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#1 DragonGirl007 on 4 years ago

Hey everyone!

So I am desperate now. Me and my friend Lily are booking a room at the Greektown Casino Hotel for this year's Youmacon and the biggest issue is that I do not have enough money to pay my share of the room back to her if it is just the two of us splitting the cost. Therefore I am hoping for at LEAST two more people to room with us. Normally I would never go on forums and ask strangers, but this is the literal last resort for me.

Basically the only restriction would be GIRLS ONLY. And there are a few ground rules I would have in place:

1. No bringing strangers back to the room. Period. No exceptions.

2. Related to rule #1 above, the only people allowed in the room are those whose names are on the hotel room reservation

3. If you have facepaint/bodypaint for a cosplay (particularly Homestuck cosplayers)... CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF. DO NOT LEAVE A MESS. IF THERE ARE ANY DAMAGE FEES INCURRED THEY ARE YOURS TO PAY.

4. KEEP IN TOUCH. If you agree to stay with us, I will exchange phone numbers with you and also USE THE BUDDY SYSTEM. It keeps you safe!

I have a Skype account as well and I would love to have a Skype chat with you if possible so that if you do want to room with me and Lily, I can at least talk to you and see you face-to-face to some degree and get to know you prior to the convention.

PM me if interested! I also have a Tumblr and you can message me there as well. Look for DragonGirl007 on Tumblr.