A:TLA and Legend of Korra Gathering 2015

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#1 Ayame Uchiha on 4 years ago

Hey guys, so since Korra has ended, I've been seeing quite a few Avatar cosplayers coming up from the depths and joining the ranks once more. So why not see if we can get a gathering going!

This is very tentative, but I just want to see how many Avatar cosplayers are planning on attending Ohayocon, which day would work best for you, and which character are you planning on cosplaying.

I will be cosplaying as Korra from either season 3 or 4 with my boyfriend cosplaying Mako. We would love to have a small gathering of other Avatar fans and get some awesome pictures of us together! :D

[U]So when you reply to this thread, please put down this information[/U]

[B]Who are you cosplaying:
What day would work for you:
What time frame would work for you:[/B]

#2 flash1616 on 4 years ago

I'll be cosplaying Opal (season 3)
Saturday would most likely be the best
and I'd say mid to late afternoon for time frame

#3 Kiashi29 on 4 years ago

We might be possibly/tentatively
Who are you cosplaying: Asami and Bolin
What day would work for you: Saturday or Sunday
What time frame would work for you: mid to late afternoon

#4 Ayame Uchiha on 4 years ago

UPDATE: So the Official Avatar/Korra gathering is taking place Saturday at 4:30! Here's the link to the thread via Ohayocon's website!


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