Who's going to Conji 2015?

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#1 Kokoro Hane on 4 years ago

So according to the website, it will be in the same location (yay!) and from April 3-5th. I am really hoping I can go, but there's a smnall chance I cannot (then again, last year was kinda last minute so we'll see). But I do plan to go, and I'll be sporting my Hajime from Hamatora cosplay again (and maybe my redesign of Vocaloid MEIKO if I don't make another one). So yeah, plan to go on Friday and Sunday if all goes well. So, who else plans to go and what will they be cosplaying as?

#2 EmoKyuubiFox on 4 years ago

This is actually going to be my first year going to this con, even tho I live about 20 minute drive from the con, I am going to be going as Haruka from Free! , Kaito from Vocoloid, Jean from SNK, and hopefully if I am done by then Jadeite from Sailor moon crystal

#3 Piriie on 4 years ago

I plan on going for at least Saturday, most likely as Ennis from Baccano!

#4 Mythlica on 4 years ago

I am 90% sure I am going! My current cosplays are Nagisa Hazuki and part 3 Dio Brando.

#5 AlohaKekili on 4 years ago

I'll be going as Makoto from Free!, Masato from UtaPri and probably Bulma from DBZ. This will be my first time going to this con too

#6 Waifu Beam on 4 years ago

OMG now that I found out a VA I really enjoy is a guest, my friend and I are gonna go! This will be our first time!

And we decided we wanted to go as Rin and Nitori from Free!

#7 TerraRising on 4 years ago

I'll be hosting two panels at Anime Conji this year. Also hoping to find a place to stay that isn't too expensive (hint hint).

Probably dressing as Secret Agent Xin Zhao (League of Legends) for one day.

#8 Amerja on 4 years ago

Anyone know if there are cosplay gatherings planned this year? It is my first year and I usually only check the cosplay.com listings.

#9 dragoncello on 4 years ago

I've never been before (even though I too only live about twenty minutes away XD) but I'll be going with a group of friends just for Friday :3
I'm planning on just throwing together a (mostly) closet cosplay of Tsukimi from Princess Jellyfish since none of my other cosplays are complete yet....

#10 Mihamut on 4 years ago

It'll be my first time attending Anime Conji tomorrow. I'm going to be cosplaying Rin Matsuoka from Free! Iwatobi Swim Club/Eternal Summer (My friend Meichama posted earlier that she's going to be Aiichiro Nitori from Free! as well. I'm going to be her Rin). I'm really excited to check it out and meet some cool people and what not.

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