Hoping to do a group cosplay!

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#1 Aiy Cosplay on 3 years ago

[FONT="Lucida Sans Unicode"]Hi All![/FONT]
Im Aiy and this year will be my first time at AUSA!
I see that it falls on the halloween weekend so I wanna cosplay characters from horror animes.
I know for sure I wanna do my favorite character of all time. [FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Sunako Nakahara[/FONT] [ATTACH]43120[/ATTACH]from The Wallflower.[ATTACH]43121[/ATTACH]
However I gotta find some awesome people willing to cosplay some bishounens![ATTACH]43122[/ATTACH]
or if you have a better idea for a horror anime let me know and I'll look it over.

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