Avatards (AtLA + LoK) 2016

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#1 BFreak on 3 years ago

Hi! I'll be running Avatards meet up like every other year since 2012 when first having found the meet up!

The meet up before migrating over to the boardwalk/beach area will be the lobby of the Sheraton Atlantic City Convention Center Hotel.

Times are as follows -
Friday: 4 PM
Saturday 1 PM

(NOTE - Keep your eyes out for any changes of time!)

The group page I have up is in the following link:

The updates on the time will be faster on their, so please keep an eye out on the FB group page I have up!

On one day, I'll most likely be there as Commander Bumi.

If I'm there as Commander Bumi on another day, it will most likely be one of the Disney characters (probably either Tadashi Hamada or Mulan) so keep an eye out when trying to track me down around the time of the meet up time when the con actually arrives!

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