Haikyuu Photoshoot/MeetUp 2016

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#1 HamburgerStreet on 3 years ago

Hi! I havent seen anything arranged for this yet so why the hell not!?

I know we have some serious Haikyuu!! fans coming through so let's link up! I've been researching the layout of the convention center since I'm totally new to its layout, but a definite location will be marked closer to the event.

So, if you're interested let me know your cosplay and the day you're going! With enough interest I'll start up the Facebook group.

Hope to see you guys soon!

#2 2pSpamano on 3 years ago

I'll be going as Kageyama one of the days, and a meet up sounds amazing! ^^

#3 HamburgerStreet on 3 years ago

Awesome! Yeah, spread the word ;P I'll be there as Yamaguchi and Nishinoya :3

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