Hi, new to cosplay!

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#1 Flickers on 2 years ago

Hey, I've never cosplayed before, but I'm really looking forward to doing my first one soon. However, I'm having a lot of trouble as most cosplay costumes that are shipped from the US are way too expensive, while Australian online stores don't have much variety (or maybe I just haven't been looking at the right places). I was hoping to get some friendly advice from the Australian cosplay community >_<


Also, I did make a post earlier but it seems to have disappeared and I can't find it, so sorry it this is a double post...yeh, I newb :3

#2 Mesho on 2 years ago

Hello! I think it would depend on what character you plan on cosplaying as. You could try finding a few things at a secondhand shop and then modify it to look more like the character. Did you have any specific characters in mind?

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