Help!!! I can't decide!!!

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#1 giraffegirl5 on 2 years ago

#2 Alice-kun on 2 years ago

The cosplay you choose for your first one would ultimately depend on you. Something to take into account would be how much money you are willing to spend on it. If you have no budget then sky is the limit :) .

That being said, I like the idea of Decidueye being a forest elf. That one might be more for a challenge if you aren't as experienced in costume making. I also like the idea of a Coraline cosplay. I have never seen a Coraline cosplayer in person and I think that it would be something fun to do.

Whatever you pick, make sure you will have fun cosplaying it as well as making it! Good Luck!

#3 walkerofdarknes on 2 years ago

To quote Alice-kun, it depends on what you want to spend, and to add my own point, it depends on what your skills are. IF you're not comfortable making armor, I'd probably drop out Loki. The rest of them really suggest themselves to be sewing projects, which are all fantastic options for first timers.

From the options you've listed there, I made a rough ranking based on difficulty with my thoughts about them. Bear in mind this is really just my opinion on it....

1. Loki (I'm assuming you're going with the cinematic version, so there's a need for armor)
2. Loki/Maleficient mashup (see above)
3. Decidueye rework (The costume seems easy enough, but if you're going to incorporate the warrior/princess aspect you'll need to fabricate a weapon or weapons)
4. Belle (either movie version would be a big dress to make)
5. Genderbent Steve Rogers (assuming you make the shield)
6. Rapunzel (not quite as big a dress to make)
7. Jane (depending on which version you're using it might be easier still)
8. Coraline

I suppose the questions to ask are:
1. How much money do I want to spend?
2. What are my best skills for creating a cosplay?
3. How recognizable do I want to be?