Food Wars

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#1 Candycheetah on 1 year ago

Hi everyone! So I'm looking for people to complete my Food Wars group! This will be Saturday PM. Let me know if interested!

Characters needed:

Megumi Tadokoro

Alice Nakiri

Ryo Kurokiba

Hisako Arato

Ikumi Mito

Takumi Aldini

Isami Aldini

Satoshi Isshiki

#2 Candycheetah on 1 year ago

We may have Alice and Kurokiba. Still looking for the rest!

#3 Candycheetah on 1 year ago

We need a Takumi now since I decided to switch my character to Jun!

#4 Candycheetah on 11 months ago

Now searching for a Megumi!

#5 Slapthefatcat on 11 months ago

I am trying to convince my brother to do a pair with me as the Aldini bros, but feel free to put someone else in if you find them.

#6 Candycheetah on 11 months ago

Would love for you guys to join us! It'll be 4pm Saturday if that works.

#7 Candycheetah on 10 months ago

Updated cause we need Alice and Kurokiba!