Adventure Time cosplay help!

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#1 JaceGem on 2 years ago

I recently got back into Adventure Time and forgot how mind blowingly amazing this show is, and would love to cosplay someone from it but I'm not too sure who I should cosplay. [URL=""]This[/URL] is what I look like, and I'm quite short, just at 5 feet exactly, and pudgy. Any clue who I could pull off?

#2 nathancarter on 2 years ago

Depends on how much you want to dedicate to it. Many of the characters have odd skin colors, so do you want to do body paint? Many of the characters have weird and unrealistic body proportions too (potato with arms and legs), so I wouldn't let "pudgy" be a deciding factor.

Everyone loves BMO - you can use your height and hair color to your advantage and do a stylized/humanized version of BMO. Or if you're on a budget and want something inexpensive and pretty easy, do the ol' cardboard box with armholes cut out for a more accurate version.

#3 giraffegirl5 on 1 year ago

Fiona from the Fiona and Cake episodes would fit- shes curvy